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[wpmudev-video video=”add-image-from-media-library”]

Note: This video is from a third-party services and may not completely reflect the type of content and/or functionality of  Tufts University’s JumboPress.

Adding media or images to the WYSIWYG is made simple by the ‘Add Media’ button. This brings up the Media Library and allows you to select any image there. For information about the Media Library see the Image & Media section in this manual.

To add an image:

  1. Move to cursor to where you would like the image to appear
  2. Click on ‘Add Media’
  3. Select image from Media Library or upload image from your computer
  4. Click on ‘Insert to Page’ in the bottom right corner

Alt Text: Image Accessibility and SEO

Add alt text behind images to help both accessibility for low-vision readers as well as search engine optimization.

Adjusting your image on the page

Once the image is on your page there are a few things you can do to adjust the position of the image and how the text wraps around it.

To reveal the adjustment options, click on the image you’d like to adjust, the following options will appear:

Icon Tool Name Comments
 Left image alignment icon Left Alignment Aligns the image left and allows text to wrap on the right.
Center image alignment icon Center Alignment Aligns the image center, does not allow text to wrap around.
 Right alignment icon Right Alignment Aligns the image right and allows text to wrap on the left.
 no image alignment icon No Alignment The default alignment when an image is inserted. It generally aligns the image to the right and does not allow text to wrap.
 Edit image icon Edit Brings up the image editing window. See Images & Media section in this manual for more information.
 Right alignment icon Remove Removes the image from the Visual Editor.