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  1. Go to the Media Library by clicking on ‘Media’ in the dashboard.
  2. Find and click on the image you’d like to edit
  3. Under the image, to the left, click on ‘Edit Image’
  4. Use the image editing tools to crop, scale, rotate, and resize the image
  5. Click ‘Save’ under the image to the left when done

Note: If needed, you can revert to the original image by clicking on ‘Edit Image’ and then on the button ‘Restore Image’ in the right sidebar of option ‘Restore Original Image’.

[wpmudev-video video=”edit-image”]

Note: This video is from a third-party services and may not completely reflect the type of content and/or functionality of  Tufts University’s JumboPress.

Image Editing Tools

JumboPress provides very basic image editing tools. If you need more options, we suggest using Photoshop or a similar tool to edit or enhance your images.

Scale Image

To make your image smaller, enter a new horizontal or vertical image dimension (in pixels). JumboPress will maintain a 1:1 aspect ratio to prevent the user from accidentally distorting the image. JumboPress does not permit increasing the size of the image to protect against image degradation. For best results, scaling should be done before you crop, flip, or rotate.

Crop Image

To crop the image, click on it and drag to make your selection. You can preserve the aspect ratio by holding down the shift key while resizing your selection. Use the input boxes, on the right sidebar, to refine your selection further by specifying either the aspect ratio, or entering the size in pixels. Once your selection appears as you like, click the crop button.

Thumbnail Settings

When cropping an image, you can apply changes to ‘All Image Sizes’, ‘Thumbnail’, and ‘All sizes except thumbnail’. This allows you to control how the square thumbnail image is cropped since it is a different aspect ratio than the rest of the images sizes.

Restore Image

After an image has been resized or cropped, a new option will appear to the right side of the screen allowing users to revert to the original version of the image.

Image Sizes in Page Builder

Below are the image widths and their corresponding sizes that would best suit each column width percentage at the largest screen size when using Page Builder. JumboPress requires images that are in a 3:2 aspect ratio rotated horizontally.

Number of Columns Percentage Image Size Image Dimensions
1 100% Full Width  1170px Width x 781px Height
2 75% Large 850px Width x 567px Height
2 67% Large 850px Width x 567px Height
2 50% Medium  570px Width x 380px Height
3 or 2 33% Small  320px Width x 240px Height
4 or 2 25% Small 320px Width x 240px Height

Alt Text: Image Accessibility and SEO

Add alt text behind images to help both accessibility for low-vision readers as well as search engine optimization.