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JumboPress offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to the homepage. The homepage options include:

  • The Home Slider: a slider that features posts with an image, a short excerpt and a link to the post.
  • Creating a page titled “Home” with content created using the Visual Editor or Page Builder
  • Using the ‘Home Page Right’ and ‘Home Page Left’ widget areas. Under Theme Sidebars in Appearance → ‘Widgets’
  • Adding a row at the bottom of the page with four posts that include the featured image, the title and date of the category chosen in reverse chronological order.

By default, the JumboPress theme Home Page is divided into the following sections:

Section Named components Optional contents
Top Main Element Either (choose one or both):

  • Home Slider
  • Static page
Middle Home Page Left

Home Page Right

Widgets, use as with sidebars
Lower Homepage Posts Posts by category that include featured images

Top: Main Element

As mentioned above, the top element can be the ‘Home Slider’, a static page titled “Home” built with the Visual Editor or Page Builder, or both with the Home Slider at the very top and the static page underneath.

If you wish to add or removed the Home Slider please contact JumboPress Support.

Adding a Post to the Home Slider

  1. Create a post to be included in the Home Slider.
  2. Give it the Category → ‘Home Slider’.
  3. Select ‘Featured Image’ → ‘Set featured image’.
  4. Select the image to include in the Home Slider.
  5. Click ‘Use as featured image’.

Note: All featured images for the Home Slider will be resized to 468 x 310, so make sure your image has a 3:2 ratio, otherwise it will be displayed skewed.

Items will be displayed in descending date order. If you want to change the order, return to the page or post and update it, in order to change the published date.

Middle: Home Page Left, Home Page Right

The middle section is divided into independent left and right sections. These sections are special sidebars, populated with widgets. If you choose not to use them, leave them empty.

To add content or edit widgets in Home Page Right and Home Page Left:

  1. Go to Appearance → ‘Widgets’.
  2. Select the widgets you want and drag them to Home Page Left (or Right).

Lower: Homepage Posts

The lower section is populated with posts with the featured images and titles of the posts that are under the category ‘Lower Home Page’, in reverse chronological order.

To assign a category to the Home Page lower level:

  1. Create New or Edit a Post.
  2. Select the Category → ‘Lower Home Page’.
  3. Click on ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’.

Note: The four most recent posts within a category are displayed. If you want to change the posts to be displayed, return to the post and update it, in order to change the published date.

Recommendations for lower section

In order for the lower section to look neat:

  • Keep the title length reasonably short.
  • Ensure your images are cropped nicely. To change how thumbnails are cropped go to the Media Library, edit the image and apply changes to ‘Thumbnail only’.