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The Media Library stores images and documents that you have uploaded to your site. Images within the Media Library can be resized, cropped and renamed.

The Media Library is not a file storage system. Only the images and documents needed for the site should sit in the Media Library. Any images or documents no longer in use should be taken off the JumboPress system and stored somewhere else.

WP Smush

This is a feature that automatically compresses images, without visible deterioration, to save storage space. In the Media Library there is a WP Smush column, no action on your part is needed.

Upload Images & Documents to the Media Library

[wpmudev-video video=”media-library”]

Note: This video is from a third-party services and may not completely reflect the type of content and/or functionality of  Tufts University’s JumboPress.

  1. In the Dashboard click on ‘Media’
  2. Click on ‘Add New’
  3. Drag and drop files from your computer OR click on ‘Select Files’ and navigate through your computer’s files to your image or document
  4. Once the image or document is in the library click on it
  5. Enter any information such as ‘Alt text’ here
  6. Your image or document is now uploaded and ready for use

Image Upload Sizes

All images uploaded to JumboPress is capped at 1200px. Any image above that will be cropped upon uploading and will replace the original image. Do not use the Media Library to store high resolution images.

JumboPress automatically creates 5 different sizes (see table on next page) when an image is uploaded to the system. When inserting an image to a page or post, you are able to choose any of these sizes depending on your content needs.

Image Aspect Ratio and Position

JumboPress requires images that are in a 3:2 aspect ratio (with the exception of thumbnails), this is the ratio of images as they come off a camera. Images should also be horizontal and have a minimum of width of 1170px. This will ensure that your images will appear crisp and won’t stretch badly.

Image Sizes and Pixel Dimensions

Image Size Width Height
Full 1170px 781px
Large 850px 567px
Medium 570px 380px
Small 360px 240px
Thumbnail 250px 250px