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There are two ways to password protect your site. You can either password protect single pages, or you can password protect your entire site. This can be used as a way to create pages that are only a for a specific audience, or maybe need to be reviewed before going live to the public.

Important Notice on Password Protection

WordPress hosting as provided by TTS does not currently include SSL encryption, as such clients should not collect sensitive information via forms or rely on WordPress password protection to keep sensitive information secure. The media library could still be indexed by Google on password protected sites.

Password Protect a Single Page

To password protect a single page:

  1. Add New/Edit a page
  2. In the right box labeled ‘Publish’, click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Visibility’
  3. Select ‘Password Protect’
  4. Enter the password for the page
  5. Click ‘OK’
  6. ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’ the page.

Note: If you have multiple pages or a whole section that is password protected with the same password, once the user types in the correct password once, they can navigate freely any page that is password protected with the same password.

Password Protect Entire Site

To password protect an entire site please contact JumboPress Support to request that the site is password protected. Editors can still view the site once they are logged in.

Note: This is useful for an entire site that needs to go through a review process. Once the site is ready to launch, JumboPress Support will remove the password protection and it’s ready to be viewed by all.