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Smart Blocks are chunks of content that you can put anywhere on a page or post or in a sidebar. They have a WYSIWYG editor to make it easier for you to add formatting to your content.

Smart Blocks are useful for when you have snippets of text that needs to appear multiple places on your site but you don’t want to have to remember all the places that information appears when it comes time to edit it.

For example, if you create a Smart Block listing your staff and put the content on a page (via shortcode); if someone leaves or joins your staff, all you have to edit is the Smart Block — you don’t have to remember all the places the content appears.

Create a Smart Block

To create a Smart Block:

  1. Select Smart Blocks → ‘Add New’.
  2. Create your content
  3. Click ‘Publish’
  4. At the top of the window obtain the Smart Block ID from the URL. It will be in the following format: . . . post=ID-number . . .

For example, if this is the link in the browser:

The Smart Block ID-number is 156.

Add a Smart Block to a Page

To add a Smart Block, in a new or existing page add the Smart Block shortcode in the following format (without the spaces next to the brackets):

Note: If you are using Page Builder, select the SiteOrigin Editor widget and add the shortcode there.