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The Visual Editor is the default way to add content to a page or post. It provides a basic WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) area to add your content. This similar to a word editor.

[wpmudev-video video=”edit-text”]

Note: This video is from a third-party services and may not completely reflect the type of content and/or functionality of  Tufts University’s JumboPress.


The Toolbar contains many standard tools and some that are related to plugins. The name of each tool, and its keyboard shortcut, is displayed when you hover the mouse over it.

The following is a list of non-standard tools, together with comments on some standard tools.

Icon Tool Name Comments
 add-media button Add Media Use to add media such as images, documents, and PDFs.
 add-form buttons Add Form Use to embed a previously created forms into the body of pages or posts.
 Heading choices Paragraph Styles Dropdown Here you can choose what styles to apply to your text. Use this to apply styles to your section titles.

Note: Do not select ‘Heading 1’. Each webpage or post can only have one ‘Heading 1’. The title of your page or post is already ‘Heading 1’. For best readability and SEO, use only ‘Paragraph’ and ‘Heading 2’ through ‘Heading 6’.

 bold italics underline icons Bold, Italics & Underline Use these to format your text by bolding, italicizing or underlining.

Note: Underlining is reserved only for linked text. Avoid using to emphasize text.

 bulleted list icon Bulleted List Use this to insert an unordered list with bullets.
 numbered list icon Numbered List Use this to insert an ordered list with numbers.

Note: Although there are options for changing the numbers to letters, etc. The theme default will change it back to numbers.

 text indents icon Decrease Indent &

Increase Indent

Use these to decrease or increase the intent of your text according in the direction of the arrows.
 blockquote icon Block quote  Use this to format your text as a block quote.
 link and unlink icons Link and Unlink Use this to link and unlink a phrase or sentence. See ‘Hyperlinking’ section for more on how to apply a hyperlink.
 horizontal bar icon  Horizontal Bar  Use this to insert a horizontal bar in your layout.
 nonbreaking space icon  Nonbreaking Space Use this to add a space that prevents an automatic line break. This is useful for elements such as prices or names that can’t be separated.
anchor icon  Anchor An anchor tag allows you to link within a page so the user can jump to a specific content.

  1. Add an anchor where you want the use to go,
  2. Give it a name
  3. Add the anchor to the hyperlink by added /#your-anchor-name to the end of the link.
 special characters icon  Special Character  Use this to add any special characters to your content that might not be available through your keyboard.
 paste-as-text icon Paste as Text  Click this icon once to enable plain text mode. Once enabled contents will be pasted as plain text until you click the icon again to toggle this option off.
 Clear formatting icon Clear Formatting  Clear the text of any formatting.
distraction free writing icon  Distraction-Free Mode  This hides everything on your screen to concentrate on writing. Click on it again to disable or hover your mouse at the top or left of the screen to reveal the horizontal and vertical bars.