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All Tufts University JumboPress sites are automatically added to the Digital Communications Google Analytics account when the site goes live. For access to your site’s analytics via a report, please contact JumboPress Support.

There are many sources online to help you learn and understand what Google Analytics can do to help you understand how your site is doing and ways to improve it.

Advanced access, or integration with Google Task Manager must be approved, submit request (link to support form)

Basic Google Analytics Reports

A typical report will include the following metrics:

  • Sessions: The number of times visitors come to your site and interacted with it.
  • Users: The number of visitors that have come to your site at least once.
  • Page Views: The number of times visitors have been on a specific page.
  • Pages per Session: The number of pages a visitor has gone through in a single session.
  • Average Session Duration: The average time a visitor is on your site.
  • Bounce Rate: The rate in which visitors leave the site after viewing just one page.
  • Percent of New Sessions: Average number of new visitors on your site.

These metrics can be viewed by page, by location, etc. The report can also include where visitors are coming from when they visit a page (i.e. a Google search or and what pages they see first (i.e. the homepage, a landing page, or an internal page).

Receive Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics reports can be sent on a monthly basis up to a year. After a year it is your responsibility to contact JumboPress Support to renew receiving the Google Analytics report for another year.

Submit a support request with JumboPress Support to receive Google Analytics reports for your site.