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JumboPress has a widget where you can embed Google Maps onto a page or post. To embed the map go to Google Maps and type in the address you are looking for, once you have the right address copy the URL or permalink at the top of your browser screen and paste it in the Google Maps widget.

Add a Google Map

You can add a google map to a page or post via the Page Builder. For more information, please refer to the Page Builder section.

To add a Google Map:

  1. Add New/Edit a page or post
  2. Click on ‘Page Builder’
    1. If editing a page that used the Visual Editor click on ‘OK’ in the pop-up to ensure your content transfers over to Page Builder.
  3. Add a row if needed.
  4. Click ‘Add Widget’
  5. Select the ‘SiteOrigin Google Maps’ widget
  6. Hover over the widget and select ‘Edit’
  7. Enter your map center (where the pin will appear) or address in the top field.
  8. Configure the Settings.
  9. Uncheck ‘Scroll to Zoom’ (This will make for an easier experience in mobile devices)
  10. Click ‘Done’
  11. Click ‘Save Draft’ or ‘Publish’ or ‘Update’

For more information please contact us.